Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Water Research Bill Out of Committee

H.R. 1145, the National Water Research and Development Initiative Act of 2009, was reported by the committee for consideration by the House.

The bill will direct research into consumption of water, for use in developing water regimes into the future.  Sounds interesting, and not all that expensive.  It may be opposed as by some nonetheless as needless spending, but the majority party may be able to steamroll it through as more important matters demand attention; or it will be tabled indefinitely.

Earlier in this blog, this piece of legislation was mentioned among several others; however, there was a committee hearing in which the expert panel strongly pushed for the passage of this bill, and called for federal funds for water research.  Apparently, the committee itself was convinced enough to recommend the bill for debate; it remains to be seen how far it makes it.

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