Sunday, May 3, 2009

Introduced Legislation

Several pieces of relevant legislation have been introduced recently.  Again, the majority of these will probably not go anywhere.  In the first round of introduced legislation noted at the beginning of this blog, one bill was pushed through - the water research bill - in large part because of the explicit attention given to it in the committee hearings.

HR 21912:  the Climate Change and Natural Resource Conservation Act
This bill, introduced by Raul Grivalja [D-AZ], provides a federal policy to preserve natural resources threatened by climate change (water resources and snowpack in particular)

H. Res 387:  a Resolution supporting the ideals of National Hurricane Awareness Week

HR 2212:  This bill, by Jay Inslee [D-WA] looks to shore up funds for the DOE's energy deployment prorams.

HR 2148:  Another bill by Inslee, this legislation is to "promote the development and use of marine renewable energy technologies, and for other purposes." 

HR 2120:  Deep Ocean Energy Resources Act of 2009.  By Sue Myrick [R-NC], this legislation seeks to grant leases to mine energy resources from the continental shelf.  This ain't gonna happen.

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